What are inclusive summer camps?

The camps with functional diversity are aimed at children and young people with physical or mental disability. In them, they will find the necessary support for a fun and entertaining vacation. In these camps, we find expert monitors in their care.

In these camps, children do activities tailored to their needs. In addition, they will be able to acquire a certain autonomy that they do not find, in many cases, when interacting only with the family and their acquaintances.

In addition to those specialized and exclusive for children with functional diversity, many entities are beginning to promote those of inclusion, in which children with disabilities coexist with children without; learning, thus, that the differences between peers do not matter when it comes to spending an unforgettable summer.


How to choose an inclusive camp?

Before choosing a camp, you should consider several aspects.

You should know that inclusive camps can be public, private, day, or weekend camps. So let your child also participate in the search for camp choice.

Finally, before choosing a camp, you should contact the organizers and ask all your questions. Find out about the activities that will take place and how they can benefit your child.

What do you do at a summer camp?

Undoubtedly, one of the best things about the camps are the activities and games, since they enliven in the participants a great amount of emotions, and in addition, they incite the relationship with the other companions.

Some of the main activities that are usually carried out in a summer camp are:

  • Activities to introduce children
  • Fun dances
  • A gymkhana
  • A game that lasts the whole camp
  • Environmental activities
  • Activities in nature
  • Sports activities
  • Workshops and crafts


What should we consider when choosing a summer camp?

It is not about "parking" them somewhere, but rather, that the children have a great educational, personal and social growth experience.

When choosing a summer camp for our children, especially if it is the first time, we are faced with many doubts, alternatives and modalities.

It is very important that the child wants to attend summer camp voluntarily. In most cases, it is not a good idea to impose the decision.

Also, it is much better that the choice and decision of the camp is made between both parties, and in a consensual manner.


From anda CONMiGO hope you have found these tips useful when looking for camps for your children, and we wish them an unforgettable summer full of unique experiences at camp.