How to accompany the stay of children in hospitals?


When a child is diagnosed with an illness , begins a grieving process for both the family and the child.. Especially when the illness is serious and hospitalization of the child is necessary.

This gives rise to feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and worry for both the patient and his or her family members. Hospitalization is directly linked to a process of change and acceptance at the individual, family, school and social levels.


How does it affect families when their children are in the hospital?

The family's experiences are affected whose children are in this situation, are affected not only for their child's health, but also to cope with the illness. by uncertainty about the future and a feeling of insecurity. to cope with the disease.

From this point on, the family of hospitalized children feels that their primary role is that of becoming the caregiver. All this has a direct impact on the family, economic and personal spheres.

However, the child's family trusts the care agency, and is at all times aware of the services that the hospital can provide for their child.


The importance of the family for the stay

Family involvement during the process is beneficial to them for them, for themselves and for the care facilities, such as a hospital. is beneficial for themIt is beneficial for them, for themselves and for the care facilities, such as a hospital.

Over time, family members have been shown to help children adapt in cases of chronic illness and in adverse environments.


How can I help my child to improve his or her hospital stay?

These are some guidelines that can help to improve the stay of the little ones:

  • Help him feel secure, he will be more comfortable in any situation.
  • Allows them to express their fears and apprehensions.
  • If possible, invite friends to visit them.
  • Bring a toy or other object that is important to your child to the hospital.
  • Accompany the child during his/her stay and do everything possible so that he/she does not feel alone.
  • Supporting them to feel that there is little time left for their recovery


The benefits of family accompaniment are:

  • Shortening of hospital stay time
  • Emotional stress in children is lower
  • The family presence is quite reassuring for the child when it comes to treatment, and even helps participation.