How do we improve literacy in anda CONMiGO?


The Literacy is the ability to read and write.. Although within education, it is considered a learning process. Literacy is the union of two very important processes for our children, which are totally connected: reading and writing.

In the anda CONMiGO centres we work on reading and writing using the following techniques:

  • We stimulate language development
  • We optimise oral and written expression
  • We increase vocabulary, speed and reading comprehension.
  • We improve children's handwriting
  • We enhance cognitive skills such as attention, memory and abstract thinking.
  • We also improve the children's concentration in everything we do on a daily basis.
  • We strengthen and reinforce self-esteem and self-confidence.

Reading is a necessary habit for the development of our children throughout their childhood. For this reason, we must work on it, improve it and stimulate it continuously and persistently, with creative, dynamic and playful activities.

Don't force children to read!

We should look for readings, activities or games that are fun and interesting for them so that they themselves make the decision to read.

Once they are in the habit of reading, let's plan reading objectives and goals in a visual way. In this way we will boost motivation and self-improvement, while improving reading and writing skills.


How can we get people into the habit of reading?

  • There should be access to books, either at home or in the library.
  • Establishing scheduled reading days, with stories, tales, etc.
  • We can use images for him to create the stories and tell them himself.
  • Combine reading with pictures or images of what they read.

Book recommendations for children

The following is a list of children's books on diversity

  • Butterfly ears (KALANDRAKA)
  • Max the artist (MAEVA YOUNG)
  • Lorenzo's ladle (ISABELLE CARRIER)
  • Mary, the joy in the difference (CONFLUENCIAS AMBOLO)
  • Wednesday (ANNE BERTIER)
  • Pajarraco (OCEANO TRAVESÍA)
  • For four little corners of nothing (JÉRÔME RUILLIER)