Speech therapist for children in Madrid

When and where to take your child to the speech therapist? Centers anda CONMiGO.

A visit to a speech therapist is often associated with some kind of serious speech impairment. However, seeing such specialists should become more routine than it is in principle.

The case of Madrid is probably one of the most representative. How many children are there in the Community of Madrid? In Madrid there are 434,930 children up to 14 years of age, which represents 13.3% of its total population.

Should I take my child to a speech therapist?

Just as we are concerned about our children's dental health of our little ones, their education or that they practice sports to keep in shape, it is important to pay attention to the evolution of their language. The disorders related to this not only include speech, although they are the cases that require more demand. It is also necessary to include those related to comprehension, production, gestures or the socialization. That said, the fact that our son or daughter mispronounces certain words does not make a visit to the speech therapist strictly necessary.

But sometimes it is wise, if only to rule out possible disorders. It should not be forgotten that the stage between birth and 6 years of age is a period of great brain plasticity, in which children develop abilities at a dizzying pace.

Disorders can improve at this stage and often end up being discarded due to a more than favorable evolution. Victor Acosta, president of the Spanish Association of Speech Therapy, Phoniatrics and Audiology (AELFA), argues that "waiting is a bad policy".

Regarding articulatory problems in speech, perhaps the most visible, not all are due to brain abnormalities. In many cases, they are simply physical defects in peripheral organs, such as the tongue, jaw or teeth.

How many children do we know in Madrid with braces?

Probably many, and this is one of the possible reasons why bad pronunciation habits develop. Bad breathing, nerves or social influence are other possible factors involved in distorting speech. In these cases the prognosis is usually much more favorable. This is where the speech therapist can play a key role in the learning process of children.

If your son or daughter goes to "tole" instead of school, eats "cocholate" instead of chocolate or swims not in the pool, but in the "pistina", the first thing to do is to stay calm. Children need time to assimilate certain concepts. Many times, they imitate each other and simply take bad references. There are sounds that are especially complicated for them, without forgetting that Spanish is one of the richest languages in the world. The fact that they were born in the last months of the year can also be a conditioning factor. In general, children born in December have more difficulty developing their language skills than those born at the beginning of the year.

If the problem goes beyond pronunciation, such as autism and socialization issues or not knowing how to differentiate between left and right, in addition to playing a couple of episodes of Sesame Street to your children, you should visit a speech therapist to monitor the evolution of their behavior. This is the only way to treat possible deficiencies.

Where can I find a subject matter expert?

If you are a resident of Murcia or surroundings, you should know that at CONMiGO we are specialists in treating anda CONMiGO we are specialists in treating children in the field of speech therapy. speech therapy. The professionals who work with us are responsible for making an initial assessment of the state of the child's language and, if necessary, would initiate a process of improvement and treatment of the same.

Depending on each case, it may be necessary from 2 or 3 sessions, up to 2 or 3 months. The important thing is to give the child time, let his or her development flow naturally and treat the issue as normally as possible. In addition, we believe that any treatment should be complemented by the child's family and educational environment.

If you suspect that your son or daughter has a language-related problem or you simply want to make sure that everything is going well even if you love to eat "cocretas", do not hesitate to contact the anda CONMiGO without obligation, or call us at 91 936 82 77 and we will be happy to help you!