Dyslexia and dyslalia

La dislexia y la dislalia, son los problemas en el aprendizaje más frecuentes en los niños y adolescentes que se pueden tratar correctamente con un logopeda para niños

It is therefore important, both in families and in schools, to clearly differentiate between the two disorders in order to detect them early.

Detection is key to seek the help of a professional and begin, as soon as possible, to work on the specific learning problem presented.

Dyslexia is a disorder that prevents the child from distinguishing and memorizing letters correctly. As a consequence, the child has difficulty organizing letters into words and words into sentences. This dysfunctionality is found in both writing and reading.

Dyslalia, however, is a phonological disorder. The characteristic of children with dyslalia is the difficulty in using the sounds of language correctly. It is necessary to rule out the existence of a maturational disorder in the person before being able to diagnose this dysfunction.

Los niños con dislalia cometen errores en la utilización de los sonidos, los cambian entre sí y algunos, directamente, los omiten. Ambas disfunciones deben ser tratadas por un logopeda infantil.

Dyslexia is the most common disorder among school-age children, and up to 10% may suffer from it.

Dyslalia is also a very common disorder that occurs mainly in children between the ages of three and five years old. between three and five years of age.

Both disorders should be diagnosed in time and treated by a speech therapist and a educational psychologist.

Currently, there are numerous therapies that can be applied with children to work on phonological awareness with them. In the Centers anda Conmigo we work with competent professionals to diagnose and treat these disorders.

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