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    Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our users and their families, promoting and innovating the development of new therapeutic techniques, supported by technology that allow advances in the therapeutic world of children, all developed from a playful point of view and with a very close coordination between the therapeutic team, schools and the family, giving a global vision to the evolutionary development of the user, based on the personalisation of the same and studying and analysing what the current situation is and adapting to the therapies of tomorrow.


    To offer families and their children a comprehensive therapy centre where they receive everything they need in a unified and centralised way, therapies, leisure, sport, education and where families can seek refuge from all the doubts and fears that constantly assail them, being a place to meet, to rest and above all, a place where they can find the peace of mind that allows them to dedicate themselves to accompanying their sons and daughters, enjoying their day to day lives with them.


    Passion for helping and service is what drives us.

    We want to grow in all areas of our work. The anda CONMiGO team is always learning. Adapting and being creative and rigorous at the same time is one of our main mottos. Our model is based on progress and development, rethinking each therapy and implementing new ideas to adapt the therapies to the little ones and not the other way around.

    Most importantly, the family.

    One of the most promising franchises

    Our success is based on a tried and tested methodology,

    known worldwide, which gives value to the brand.

    What is anda CONMiGO?

    anda CONMiGO is a social-health services centre focused on child and adolescent therapies, aimed at children from 0 to 14 years of age, with or without disabilities.

    A multidisciplinary, integrated and coordinated team made up of speech therapists, educational psychologists, psychologists, occupational therapists and neuropaediatric physiotherapists.

    What sets us apart?

    anda CONMiGO is the only multidisciplinary children's therapy centre that brings together all therapies in the same centre. We seek to be the reference for families who need to improve their quality of life through unified centres that provide solutions to the needs of their children and themselves as a family.

    Success stories

    The satisfaction of current franchisees is the best guarantee of the success of joining the anda CONMiGO project. That is why we want some of our different franchisee profiles to tell you about their experience with the brand and the reason why they have opted for our franchise model.


    Become a franchisee

    anda CONMiGO is an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are passionate about the world of therapy and children.

    We put in your hands all the necessary tools in order to be able to manage your business in an optimal and efficient way.


    Experience with anda CONMiGO


    Carolina Rodríguez Grima

    Director anda CONMiGO Zaragoza


    Beatriz Gimenez-Benedid Salve

    Director anda CONMiGO Murcia


    Montse Visaconill

    Directora anda CONMiGO Santa Cruz

    What profile are we looking for for anda CONMiGO?

    At Anda conmigo we are looking for a franchisee profile, such as an entrepreneurial person, preferably with social values, with a desire to grow and help others.

    She likes children and knows in first person or through close relatives the different needs of children between 0 and 14 years old in different areas, speech therapy, developmental delays, tdah, etc.


    Candidates may be:

    • Parents with initiative, who wish to grow autonomously based on our method.
    • Professionals related to the activity, psychopedagogues, speech therapists, psychologists who want to become independent and set up their own business or who want to start their own business.
    • Existing centres, which are lacking in the world of management and which want to join and grow under our brand and with complete management.

    And they will need to meet the following criteria:

    • Entrepreneurs who like the world of children, therapies and education.
    • Be conscientious in complying with the brand's processes and methodology.
    • Feeling committed to the project.
    • Business orientation
    • Full dedication of the centre manager, whether or not he/she is the franchisee.

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        Frequently asked questions

        Frequently asked questions

        Is it necessary to know about the therapeutic or educational world to open an Anda Conmigo children's franchise?
        No, it would not be necessary, as we differentiate between the management profile of the centre and the person in charge of therapeutic coordination. In any case, you will receive specialised training and you will always have our support.
        Will I receive specialised training?
        Yes, there are two necessary and essential trainings before the start of the Anda Conmigo Franchises. One is management training and the other is technical training.

        On the one hand, business management training, where we will review and work in a unified way on the success of the business model and the actions to be carried out, control systems, management applications, marketing plan, etc.

        On the other hand, there is the technical training where the person who performs the function of coordinating the therapy team must acquire knowledge of the business processes, materials and methods that we have designed to ensure the day-to-day running of the users.

        Will I have start-up support?
        Yes, we will be with you throughout the process, pre and post start-up, ensuring that the new centres are positioned and achieve the results stipulated in the jointly defined business plan.
        What type of premises would be the most suitable, and can you help me to validate this?
        The premises of an Anda Conmigo Franchise should be a front door, of approximately 90/100 m2.

        It is not necessary for it to be on a main street, but it is advisable for it to be close to school areas for the convenience of parents to bring it during school hours or for activities that we will carry out later with the schools.

        We will discuss this with you before finalising all the rental arrangements, to ensure that the need is covered in the premises.

        Is there a delimited zone or zone exclusivity?
        Yes, when we define the franchise model, there must be a population around the premises of at least 15,000 inhabitants to ensure the growth of your franchise, so yes, we will establish exclusivity of areas or populations, to give you the opportunity to grow more in the same.

        One example is Boadilla del Monte. The existing population is 60,000 inhabitants. The scope within Boadilla is two centres and the idea is that the growth will be exclusive for the first franchisee who has opened.

        Within our plan, it will be studied in year 4.

        What economic results will I get in the first few years?
        One of the characteristics we ask for is the total involvement of the centre manager, who does not have to be the franchisee. The commercial activity, resource management and your dedication will be key to these economic results. The great advantage is that in addition to being with you in this project, you have a consolidated brand and a proven business that will open doors for you.
        Will you be with me throughout the project?
        Yes, our goal is for you to grow. Our goal is to reach more families. To do this, we have established methods of quality and monitoring to ensure that we do not deviate from the proposed objectives.

        It is a win-win model that should reassure you of the effort and work you are putting in and us of the coverage of the families we are helping and the wider implementation of the brand.

        And in the search for personnel, will I have your help?
        Yes, we have a large database of therapeutic and educational profiles, but in any case, we will always help you in the final selection and requirements that must cover the profile that you are going to hire, given that the search, if we do not have in the specified area, will be local.

        To do this, we will give you the profiles you will need to look for, experience and once you have seen the potential candidate, we will accompany you in the selection and recruitment.

        I have to pay a new fee after the end of the contract period.
        Only in case you want to open a new centre in a different exclusivity zone than the one you have been assigned.

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