iSuitneuro Intensive Program


anda CONMiGO is a certified Therasuit Center (TheraSuit Center) in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). We have more than 5 years of experience in intensive exercise programs for children with cerebral palsy and in carrying out maintenance therapies.

The history of the suit

Invented in Russia during the space age and designed to combat the negative effects (muscular atrophy, osteoporosis) suffered by astronauts (lack of gravity) during long space travel.
In the 1990s, the suit was used to treat children with muscular disorders and in 1997, it began to be used on American children
and in 2002, the TheraSuit was designed and registered with the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in the USA.

The THERASUIT method

  • The method combines an intensive, customized strengthening program for children with cerebral palsy using TheraSuit and the Universal Exercise Unit.
  • Combats the effects of loss of condition and immobility
  • Acknowledges that standardized therapeutic approaches are less effective
  • Based on the principles of intensive therapy and strength development
  • Educates the body of the disabled child as that of a non-disabled child.
  • New approach whereby the physical therapy field learns from the health and fitness field
  • Structured program that enhances growth and development of the individual



  • Normalize the child's muscle tone
  • Increase active joint excursion
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Control over newly strengthened muscle groups so that children can improve their skills
  • Functional in order to gain independence

What is it?

The TheraSuit consists of a soft, dynamic, proprioceptive orthosis consisting of a hood, a two-piece suit, knee pads and shoe straps connected by a rubber band system. It is an effective and safe tool that we use in combination with our intensive exercise program to accelerate the child's progress.


What does the suit provide?

  • Improves proprioception
  • Reduces pathological reflexes
  • Restores correct posture and movement patterns
  • Provides external stabilization and strengthens weak muscles
  • Corrects body alignment
  • Enables an improvement of the vestibular system
  • Stimulates the brain to reeducate the central nervous system (CNS)
  • Provides tactile and sensory stimulation
  • Significant impact on improving language production and fluency
  • Load the body with gravitational type pressures.
  • Accelerates the progress of newly acquired movement and functional skills

For whom?

  • Children with cerebral palsy
  • Stroke patients
  • Brain contusions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neuromuscular disorders


Typical intensive exercise program

  • 3 to 4 hours per day, 5 days per week, for 3 to 4 weeks
  • Week 1: The goal is to work on reducing muscle tone, decreasing pathological movement patterns, increasing correct active movement patterns and overall strength development.
  • Second week: We focus on strengthening the specific muscle groups responsible for movement.
  • Third week: use gains in strength and endurance to improve the child's level of functionality (sitting, crawling, walking).


  • Reduces pathological movement patterns
  • Increases strength and endurance
  • Increases muscle control and coordination
  • Improves functional activities (sitting, crawling, walking, etc.)

ABOUT THE OWNERS OF THERASUIT LLC- Richard and Izabela Koscielny

  • Parents of two daughters, Kaya, 17, who suffers from cerebral palsy, and Maya, 8.
  • Both have a master's degree in physiotherapy from the Polish Academy of Physical Education.
  • They have 17 years of experience with special needs children and are both certified physical educators.
  • Izabela is a certified Yoga teacher for disabled children.
  • Richard is a physical education teacher

Richard and Izabela, founded the company Therasuit in 2002. They are in charge of distributing their TheraSuit, the Universal Exercise Unit and providing first-person training to teams and centers like ours for children with special needs.

Can we help you?

anda CONMiGO has 15 centers in Spain, we are characterized for being EXPERTS in EARLY CARE AND MATURE DELAY, you can find us in Madrid, Murcia, Zaragoza, San Vicente del Raspeig and Malaga. Our therapists are great professionals, specialized, who use the game as a way of learning.

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