Wheelchair holidays

There is very little time left to go on vacation and when we have a child in a wheelchair we have to take into account different issues when choosing a destination, accommodation and means of transport... Fortunately in our country, and in most countries in the world, cities are becoming more accessible to all people.

For a place to be completely suitable for everyone, it must have a series of criteria such as parking for people with reduced mobility, access must be conditioned, eliminating curbs or steps and obstacles so that the person in a wheelchair can be autonomous.


How to choose a destination for our trip?

When we start planning a trip, there are always many doubts about our trip. For example, what will be the destination, how many days will we travel, how much budget will we invest, in which hotel will we stay?

When traveling with a child who uses a wheelchair, the only difference we can find in planning a trip will be that we will have to spend a little more time in managing the vacation, and do an in-depth search before choosing the destination of our trip.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are already many adapted destinations, and with accessibility possibilities. This gives us great possibilities for our vacations with children who use wheelchairs.


Possible destinations for wheelchair vacations

Here are some possibilities:


Beaches of Almeria

The beaches of Almeria are a great place to relax in the sun, they are exceptional. All these beaches of Almeria, have annual accessibility reviews. Therefore, the vast majority of beaches in the area have direct access to the shore of the beach, in addition to having chairs that facilitate the use of showers.

Adapted hiking trails

  • Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. Llanos de Rabel Itinerary. This park between Malaga and Cadiz has an accessible visitor center where they offer explanations of the possible routes to be done. The Llanos de Rabel route has accessible recreational areas with parking and viewpoints accessible by ramps.
  • Protected Landscape of the Rodeno Pines. In the community of Aragón, in the heart of the Sierra de Albarracín, the Donarque route has recreational areas, easy access to the parking lot and an accessible path of grass and compact material from the Donarque visitor center. In its 300 meters you will be able to observe native pines and riparian vegetation.
  • Senda De L'avaiol A one-kilometer trail that runs along a flat area with mainly asphalt and little slope. It has recreational areas, picnic area and hippotherapy area.

City tourism

The vast majority of cities in Spain are accessible to all publics, as they try to eliminate barriers and make cultural heritage accessible to all, thus elevators are installed, curbs are removed, ramps are attached or audio guides and signs in Braille are installed, because tourism without barriers is possible.

The best cities to visit with children who use wheelchairs are:

  • Barcelona
  • Seville
  • Córdoba
  • Valencia
  • Santiago de Compostela



We hope you have found some of the possibilities we have just described useful. Vacations are the best time of the year and when the family enjoys the most. The fact that some of our children have to enjoy them in a wheelchair does not have to be an impediment for them to become unforgettable days.

From anda CONMiGO wish you the best vacations with or without a wheelchair!